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Graphene antenna could increase wireless speed 100 times‎ - Mar 5, 2013 Frustrated by slow Wi-Fi speeds? Researchers at Georgia Tech are working on antennas that could transfer your files so fast that you might miss it if you blink.

Graphene Based Smartphone (Galapad Settler) Graphene researcher and maker Moxi teams up with tablet maker Galapad to release 30,000 of the Android hansets.

A Revolutionary Technology- The material is to technology as the steam engine was to the Industrial Revolution. Today’s  race to lead a new industrial revolution is fueled by economic necessity, national security and the desire to lever it’s myriad advantages.

National University of Singapore and BASF embark on join research- Singapore; Ludwigshafen, Germany- 20 January 2014- The Graphene Research Centre (GRC) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Science and the world's leading chemical company Basf have partnered to develop the use of graphene in organic electronic devices, such as organic light emitting diodes (OLED)................

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                                    The Miracle Material?

The one atom material was touted as "the next big thing" even before its pioneers were handed the Nobel Prize that year. Many believe it could spell the end for silicon and change the future of computers and other devices forever.

Has been touted as the "miracle material" of the 21st Century.

Said to be the strongest material ever measured, an improvement upon and a replacement for silicon and the most conductive material known to man, its properties have sent the science world - and subsequently the media - into a spin

Our research establishe the one atom material as the strongest material ever measured, some 200 times stronger than structural steel," mechanical engineering professor James Hone, of Columbia University stated.

"It would take an elephant, balanced on a pencil, to break through a sheet of the material the thickness of Saran Wrap [cling film]."

And the way this material can be utilised is as surprising as its properties.

"It does not just have one application," says Professor Andre Geim, the current co-holder of the Nobel Prize in physics for his work with the material at Manchester University.

"It is not even one material. It is a huge range of materials. A good comparison would be to how plastics are used."

Much has been made of graphene's potential. It can be used for anything from composite materials - like how carbon-fibre is used currently - to electronics.

Since its properties were uncovered, more and more scientists have been keen to work on projects. About 200 companies and start-ups are now involved in research around the miracle material. In 2010, it was the subject of about 3,000 research papers.

And the benefits to both businesses and to the consumer are obvious - faster and cheaper devices which are thinner and flexible.

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