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  People, and governments, are searching for graphene investments and graphene stocks for the whole range of applications that result from its unique properties. The material  could soon replace silicon as the basis of computer chips, and its role in nanoscale batteries has only just started to be explored. Nanomedicine is turning to the material for various drug administration methods and even NASA is researching into how this material can help with astronaut health in outer space. Light weight aircraft and vehicles with green credentials that save on fuel are also in the pipeline, as are super efficient solar panels. The list grows longer every day.

Graphene is the one industry to keep your eyes on if you have intention of investing over the next couple of years. What will give the best returns remains unknown but several options are available. Graphite mines, production companies and technologies are all areas that are seeing huge levels of share price increase. The  industry remains in its infancy, and as every parent knows, infancy brings rapid growth.

In spite of the small market scale presently, the global demand for graphene after commercial production will be enormous. Take semiconductor silicon for example, the worldwide demand approximates 2,500 tons per annum. Provided that one tenth of crystalline silicon will be substituted by graphenes to make high-end integrated circuit, the market capacity of graphenes will be at least RMB500 billion. In addition, graphenes can be also used to make lithium ion battery anode materials, which can significantly improve the battery performance. Worldwide, the annual demand for anode materials surpasses 30,000 tons and keeps a growth rate of 20% or more. Provided graphenes are used to make anode materials that were used for one tenth of lithium ion batteries, the demand will grow to over 3,000 tons.
graphene companies

China, with the largest graphite reserves in the world, is joining the ranks to actively conduct graphene R&D and industrialized layout. At present, China focuses more on the R&D of supercapacitor and  electrode. In particular, Chongqing Research Institute Chinese Academy of Sciences has succeeded in the preparation of 7-inch graphene flexible touch screens by making use of graphene electrode; Sichuan Jinlu Group, in collaboration with Institute of Metal Research Chinese Academy of Sciences, has finished the pilot test of 1.5-ton graphene production line. graphene companies

Nanjing XFNano Material Tech produces several kilograms of graphenes daily, and its output of multilayer graphene hits 50kg/day; Morsh, taking advantage of the patent technologies possessed by Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology & Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is expected to conduct trial production of its 300-ton graphene production line project as of late 2013. But its products will be actually graphene nanoplatelets rather than real graphenes.
graphene companies

A simple way for investing
in the new emerging industry is to buy stocks of manufacturing and developing the material. Currently there is only one "pure play" public company that is available, (CVD Equipment Corp). The others are still private, so keep an eye on them in the event of an IPO.

  Another way to capitalize on the growth is finding
Graphene Companies that are mining for Graphite. The supply and demand fundamentals that make graphite attractive as an investment are similar to those of rare earth metals. The British Geological Survey listed graphite, along with rare earth metals, as those at most risk of global supply disruption. Reports by industry experts that China's 2010 graphite global market share was around 75%. In an effort to retain its graphite resources, China has restricted its graphite supply and has imposed a 20% export duty plus a 17% VAT. As a result, graphite prices have started to rise, particularly for graphite flake styles which are now commanding between $2,000 and $3,000 a ton depending on flake size. While graphite is not as scarce as rare earth metals, it is relatively concentrated with China producing 70% to 80% of worldwide production. Prices have risen sharply in the past few years and as new usages are discovered, I believe they will continue to climb higher. I also believe that graphite producers could see increased interest in the short-term, as more and more people become aware of the potential nature of graphene stocks. Think graphene companies  for the long term. graphene companies

Keep you EYES on these..........

     Graphite Production:

Northern Graphite  (NGC: TSXV, NGPHF:OTCQX)

Graftech International  (NASD: GTI)

Focus Graphite Inc. (NASD: FCSMF)

Syrah Resources (ASX code: SYR)

Zenyatta Ventures (NASD: ZENYF, TSX.V: ZEN)

     Graphene Production:

Angstron Materials (private)

CVD Equipment  (NASD: CVV)

Oxford Instruments (LSE: OXIG.L)

Vorbeck Materials (private)

Graphene Technology:

Hexel Corp (NYSE:HXL)


Toray Industries  (Tokyo:3402)

Samsung (KSE:005930, LSE:SMSN)

Sandisk (NASD :SNDK) 

Nokia (NYSE:NOK)

  Graphene Producers  

Aixtron - (NASD: AIXG) - deposition equipment to the semiconductor industry

Angstron Materials  - nano graphene platelets
CVD Equipment Corp.   (NASDAQ: CVV) - Manufactures graphene products for Graphene Laboratories
Graphene Laboratories -
Graphene Supermarket - - Buy graphene online

Hanwha Chemical (SEO: 009830) - In Jan 2011, Hanhwha purchased a 19% stake in XG Sciences for $3 million. They also obtained the rights to sell graphene in India and China.

IBM (NYSE: IBM) - graphene integrated circuits

Nanotek Instruments - (private)- energy storage and supercapacitors
Northern Graphite  (CVE: NGC) - successfully produced graphene using large flake graphite from their Bissett Creek project in Northern Ontario. The graphene they produced was larger, had a higher electrical conductivity, lower resistance, and greater transparency than graphene made from Chinese powder or Chinese flake graphite.

Posco (NYSE: PKX) - In Jun 2011, POSCO announced the purchase of a 20% stake in XG Sciences

Vorbeck Materials (private)- graphene formulations and composites

XG Sciences  (private)- graphene nanoplatelets

Graphene Square (private)-commercial production of graphene based on CVD growth method.

Zimtu Capital Corp (TSX.V: ZC )- publicly held investment company that creates, invests in, and grows natural resource companies and provides a unique way for investors to participate in, and profit from, the public company building process

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Bluestone Global Tech


IBM Corp

Nanoshel LLC

Graphene Square

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